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At Snip/Tuck we not only want our clients to be satisfied, we want them to be thrilled.

​At Snip/Tuck, we are uncompromising when choosing the subsurface materials for our projects, as upholstery longevity is often in the components which are never seen. 


Snip/Tuck has a wide variety of cover fabrics to choose from.  Whether stripes, pattern, texture, or leather, ​​we take extra care with the details, from how a pattern is blocked or matched, to the finishing touches such as stitching or trims. 



Furniture Re-upholstery

Custom Slipcovers
Window Seats

Cushions/ Replacement Cushion Foam

Decorative Pillows
Cornice Boards​
Privacy Screens

S n i p  /  T u c k

U p h o l s t e r y     &     C u s t o m  C a n v a s
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