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About Us​ - Our Craft

Whether you need structural repairs, or just a little updating, Snip/Tuck can transform your favorite piece(s).  Snip/Tuck has over 40 years of combined experience, which includes patterning, sewing, fabricating, and repair.​ 

Snip/Tuck can tighten loose joints, re-finish frames, re-tie springs, re-pad surface areas, and refurbish cushioning, as well as replace cover fabrics.  At Snip/Tuck we take great pride in producing the finest sewn and/or upholstered products our abilities can achieve.  We are dedicated to the small details, which often make the difference between a decent result, and results which inspire accolades (and sometimes even embraces) from our clients.


If required, Snip/Tuck can rebuild a piece of furniture from the frame up.  If the frame is in repairable shape, and you wish to save it, we can accomplish the rest.  Even pieces, which on the surface appear beyond​ hope, can be like new again with a little vision and some TLC.

Snip/Tuck creates custom fitted protective covers, for boats, patio furniture, outdoor grills, and pretty much whatever else needs to be protected from the weather.  Snip/Tuck will add fasteners where needed and reinforce potential stress areas so that your cover will look and function beautifully.

Snip/Tuck has a wide variety of fabrics to choose from, including designer fabrics, outdoor fabrics and leather.​

As tradesmen, we know if we fail to perform to our knowledge or ability, even when others do not.  Our commitment to our clients is that we will not intentionally misrepresent work performed, or materials used or purchased.  For us, the value of preserving the trust our clients place in us far out weighs any short term gains of saved effort or cost.

Snip/Tuck is located in Brighton, Michigan, but also proudly serves Howell, Hamburg, Pinckney, South Lyon, Milford, Harland, Whitmore Lake, Ann Arbor, and Novi, as well as points between and beyond.  Please visit the CONTACT page for our address and/or directions.

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